Well Represented

Well represented

We attend meetings, so you don’t have to…

We’re here to represent your business interests. Whether that involves attending council committees on your behalf, or submitting formal planning responses that air your concerns, we’re here to offer a strong collective voice for businesses in High Wycombe town centre. 

Well represented

Trading in a town centre location means there are always debates going on. From delivery access and street begging, to the maintenance of public spaces – we take care of your interests and give you a real say in the things happening outside your front door. 

The town needs someone who cares about the little things, the day-to-day issues that people face and who can talk to the powers-that-be on their behalf. Businesses are lucky that HWBIDCo provides this resource, and I believe we should support and protect it.

Pippa Sawyer

Director Wycombe Sound