Well managed

Safer, cleaner, greener

High Wycombe has a great heritage, with some beautifully historic streets and buildings but these are often forgotten under the daily grind of a modern town centre. We work with local community groups to make the town look better. We install hanging baskets, put up seasonal bunting and create attractive green spaces within the town centre. All our projects are ‘added-value’ – meaning they would not otherwise be provided by the local authority.

In addition to helping our town to look nicer, we also keep High Wycombe safe. We employ a full-time Business Engagement Coordinator to run our Business Security Partnership, and our Shopwatch and Pubwatch schemes have over 100 active members.

By raising the bar in terms of how our town is managed, we can ensure businesses see the benefits of having an attractive place to trade, whilst the wider community experiences a greener, brighter, safer place to live, work and shop.


HWBIDCo safe and secure initiative


Pubwatch is a crime-reducing partnership run by BID members and facilitated by HWBIDCo. The scheme aims to make High Wycombe a safer place to live, work and visit.


Shopwatch is a crime-reducing partnership run by BID members and facilitated by HWBIDCo. The scheme links local retailers and security staff by informing members in the area of potential offender’s descriptions and movements.

Projects & Highlights

Frogmoor Parklet

Installation of an urban park and outdoor seating in Frogmoor.

Town Greening

Hanging baskets, planters and seasonal displays.

Cardboard Collection

Our free cardboard collection service available exclusively to members.

Town Tidy

Yearly event providing additional cleaning services within the town.

Spike Awareness

Seasonal safety awareness campaign for businesses.

Covid Support

Social distancing graphics, signage and support for businesses.