Town Greening

Dressing Projects

HWBIDCo invest in a number of seasonal displays to enhance the appearance of High Wycombe Town Centre. Some of our town dressing projects include:

    • My Wycombe branded lamp post banners
    • Town wide  bunting 
    • Town noticeboards
    • Bespoke chair bunting 
    • Dressing vacant units 
    • Murals and street art – including The Brunel Shed hoarding, White Hart Street hoarding and Collins House in Desborough Road
    • Seasonal interactive light displays 
    • The Frogmoor Parklet

    We also install and maintain over 750 floral hanging baskets, road planters and Pink Pots to boost the look and feel of the town. Our town dressing projects deliver added value to our member businesses, and ensure High Wycombe continues to be a vibrant and welcoming place for employees, residents and visitors.  

    urban seating area in Frogmoor High Wycombe

    “Both the flowering baskets and the large pink flower pots that have been out throughout the town are beautiful. It certainly makes the town centre feel cared for and colourful!”

    –– Councillor Lesley Clarke OBE

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