Deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Looking good: keeping the town clean for businesses, visitors and residents.

A cleaner town means an improved visitor experience.

That’s why we’re proud to be a part of making High Wycombe town centre look better.

Back in 2013 we took on an ambitious Deep Cleaning project.

We washed grot-spots and hot-spots, removed chewing from major public thoroughfares and cleaned the outside and rear spaces of several BID businesses.

The initiative made a marked difference in the areas of the town that were in desperate need of environmental cleaning assistance.

Our deep cleaning project involved:

Cleaning doorways, recesses and dark areas

Treating all areas with a bio-detergent to prevent and reduce staining and odour

Pressure washing areas of the town that were subject to high traffic

Cleaning pub forecourts and patio space

Cleaning common areas to the rear of business premises in our BID area

Deep-cleaning and bio-treating subways and retaining walls subject to mould and algae