Social Media

Staying Social

HWBIDCo manages the My Wycombe town branding and related social media channels. Our Marketing and Communications Coordinator manages our social media presence, posting vibrant and engaging content to a growing audience of over 11,000 local residents. We use this platform to promote the town and its many businesses.


In addition to posting organic content, we also use targeted paid advertising on our social channels to help promote local events, raise the profile of High Wycombe and attract people to the town centre.


As part of our mission to highlight our member businesses, we give our levy payers frequent opportunities to feature on our platforms. Businesses can send us news, offers, pictures of their favourite products, customers and members of staff for us to post on our accounts. This service is free for all levy payers. We also produce regular blog posts on the official My Wycombe website spotlighting BID businesses and giving the general public to chance to ‘get to know’ the faces behind them.

Would you like to be featured on our social channels or in an upcoming blog post? Maybe you have an event or business offer you’d like us to help you promote? You can sign up below.

urban seating area in Frogmoor High Wycombe

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