Enhance & Evolve

Enhancing the Visitor Experience

We know how important visitor experience is to the  success of our town centre, which is why we work closely with many other local organisations to improve the attractiveness and overall vibrancy of the town.  Over the last few years we have continually invested in additional services to ensure the prosperity of High Wycombe.  From hanging baskets and cardboard recycling to speciality markets, we help make the BID area more attractive for residents and visitors. 


HWBIDCo safe and secure initiative

Projects & Highlights

Covid Support

Social distancing graphics, signage and support for businesses.

WiFi and Footfall Cameras

Connectivity and tracking the success of events.

Cardboard Recycling

Our free cardboard collection service available exclusively to members.

Town Dressing

Hanging baskets, planters, bunting and banners.

Street Cleaning

Spring Clean events and lobbying for improvements to cleansing services