Business Spotlight: Craft Coop

Jan 27, 2022Business news, News0 comments

Craft Coop is a unique social enterprise business that hosts a space for local craftspeople to showcase and sell their work. We spoke to Deborah Jones, one of the directors, to find out more.


QCould you tell us a little bit about Craft Coop for those who might not know?  

Craft Coop is an award-winning social enterprise business supporting local craftspeople by giving them a shop to sell their products in.  We started with a pop-up shop in Maidenhead, and now have 4 shops supporting over 100 craftspeople across the area, including our beautiful shop in the Eden Shopping Centre where we have over 30 different craftspeople represented. 

Because the products are handcrafted, you can be sure that they are all unique and not like anything sold in a High Street shop – you will always find something really special. There are hundreds of beautiful products in the shop – most of them made within 15 miles of High Wycombe. 

Another thing that makes our shop different is that each craftsperson helps out in the shop – so the person serving you knows the products inside and out and can give you the sort of service you won’t find anywhere else.

Q. What was it that led you to choose High Wycombe as a destination for Craft Coop? 

We knew that there were a lot of really talented craftspeople around High Wycombe and we wanted to give them the opportunity to sell their work in a fabulous location. 

We also knew that Eden is a popular shopping destination, so by locating a shop in the centre, we have been able to reach more people looking for beautiful and unusual gifts.

Q. Craft Coop is exceptionally unique in your varied offering, are there any products/ craftspeople youd like to highlight?

All of the products in the shop are honestly amazing! – it would be totally impossible to pick out any particular product of craftsperson. We have everything from beautiful candles, handmade jewellery, artwork, accessories – everything is handmade and special in its own way.

Q. Do you have any exciting upcoming events or offers? 

It’s worth popping into the shop frequently, as new products are made, and new craftspeople join us, all the time.  We don’t have big sales, so don’t expect to see any huge 50% discounts, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some reduced products, as our artists make way for new designs.

Also, craftspeople who would like to sell their products in the shop should watch out for our ‘Open Calls’, which happen throughout the year.

Q. What other local hidden gem’ would you recommend to any town centre visitors? 

We have a soft spot for places to get good coffee and the occasional treat, so we love the Vanilla Pod Café and The Front Room and as craftspeople, we LOVE A&M textiles, which is an absolute treasure trove for people who enjoy sewing or making things with textiles.

Where can people find out more about Craft Coop and everything you have to offer? 

Our website is currently being revamped, but people can find the very latest information in our main Facebook page, or Instagram.

There is also a Facebook Group especially for our High Wycombe shop 

Craft Coop is located within the Eden Centre (5 Newlands Meadow, Eden Shopping Centre, HP112BZ) and is open Mon. – Sat. 10am- 5:00pm and Sunday 11am- 2:30pm.

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